Database Administrator

If you have a MySQL installation and need assistance, I can help you.

I have been an IT professional since 1979 and a MySQL database administrator since 2005. I have worked at several companies with large, complex MySQL installations: and

I am currently employed as a Senior MySQL Database Administrator and responsible for a large number of very active databases. I maintain database installations on about 60 different servers, all Linux. These servers, which include many replication slaves, collectively hold about 36 Terabytes of data.

The various replication configurations include simple master-slave, cascading master-slave, and master-master. Some machines have partial replication. As the database administrator I also review queries that prove to be unexpectedly long-running.

I am also a programmer, specializing in database programming and writing database-backed web pages. I have written hundreds of scripts comprised of tens of thousands of line of code to maintain databases, display information, and trim tables on a regular basis. I program almost entirely in Perl and PHP on Linux servers using cron to schedule my jobs. Several of my web pages are heavily used by IT personal because they give insight into what is happening with the databases in terms of replication, disk space usage, number of tables, and memory usage.

If you need assistance with any MySQL-related problem contact me via email.


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